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Portrait of Jeff by artist Wade Grergory Clark

The Hon Jeff Kennett AC Reflecting Up & Down
Spray Paint, Pastel & Oil on Belgian Linen
77"x44" (195cm x 111cm)

‘The Hon Jeff Kennett AC Reflecting Up & Down’ is a portrait painted of the former Victorian Premier / Hawthorn FC president and now media commentator Jeffrey Gibb Kennett. Painted here in mid thought, he sits at his desk in silence contemplating future moves, behind him in the shadows lurks the mysterious materialisation of his subconscious. In one hand Jeff holds a pair of coloured grey lead pencils and in the other a WWII Anzac dagger. The dagger is an allegory for his politics and a nod to his service in the Australian army. But the dagger also a double edged, which reflects the duality within his personality, both the hard edged, sharp witted and rather macho man vs the softer, warmer and secretive Jeff. The pencils acknowledge his appreciation and support for the arts. These two elements when brought together evoke the proverb "The pen is mightier than the sword" only here the pencils depend on the knife to remain sharp and useful. The fact Jeff is pictured here still keeping his pencils sharp indicates we can expect his desire to make marks on history to continue. 


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