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Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Hi gang,

I have a couple of artworks in the following show coming up on Wednesday, be sure to go check them out.

- - -

You're invited to the opening of TIME, an exhibition presented by the GEAS Inc on at the Glen Eira City Council Gallery between March 25 - April 17, Glen Eira Rd, Caulfield VIC 3162, Australia.


Wednesday 27th March

6 - 8pm

To be opened by Cr. Jamie Hyams Mayor, Glen Eira City Council

Time flies, Time is of the essence and Your Time is up! Margaret Olley was a great champion of the ‘artists war on time’ as she always fought against it, she was known to work on her paintings up until the very last minute (something I can wholeheartedly relate to). Margaret would often say, ‘hurry, last days’ and would notoriously dab at an artwork at the eleventh hour whilst it was heading out the door to the gallery. Margaret was a great believer that a work is never finished, only abandoned”, this I believe is surely a trait of all great painters. In an interview a few years before it was her time to meet her ‘maker’ Margaret said: “When the end approaches, I might say to the good Lord: 'just one minute! I haven't finished that painting.”

When time isn’t up!

(Margaret Olley - after John Mcrea)


Watercolour & Pencil on paper

Artwork: 20x14cm


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